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The Impact of Natural Disasters

10/18/2017 (Permalink)

The Impact of Natural Disasters

If you're dealing with storm damage, wind damage or other flooding problem due to river flooding, flood water or ground water in your home, it is extremely important to take immediate action. You need to begin home restoration or storm remediation as soon as possible to avoid further problems.

The impacts of natural disasters such as storms can be devastating since they result in many losses. Storms can cause catastrophic consequences such as flooding, tornadoes, ice damming, river flooding, hurricane damage, and snowstorms. Storm damage leaves homeowners with different types of serious damages including roof damage, structure damages, roof leak, and water damages due to flooding.

When you want to restore your residential property after a flood water or ground water, it is important for you to seek storm remediation services from companies that have great expertise in the use of flood pump for professional water restoration.

A flood pump will certainly ensure ground water is removed quickly since frozen pipes will prevent water from getting out. Water restoration professionals can handle ice dam, ice damming, roof leak, roof damage, roof repair and other storm restoration services.

Professionals recognize the trauma and emotional upset that families and individuals suffer, so they always work quickly to mitigate damage on salvageable property.

Here are the crucial steps that you could follow after flooding, storm damage or wind damage, to ensure that you prevent further losses from flooding or hurricane damage:

Emergency Contact

Flooding is an emergency situation and requires fast action. The first step in professional home restoration is contacting a storm restoration company to inform them of the river flooding, levels of ground water or hail damage due to flood water.

Water and storm restoration companies are usually available 24/7 for services and you will be able to reach them anytime, day or night. If there is roof damage due to wind damage or roof leak and need immediate roof repair service, you should let the storm restoration company know about it.

Documentation of Damage

It is necessary to document all damages be it hail damage, water damage, storm damage, roof damage, hurricane damage, wind damage, and ice damage from ice dams, as they will help you during insurance claims process. If there is ground water in your house, flood pump can be used to remove it once you are able to enter your property safely and you can record videos and take photographs. Ice damming that result from ice dams often lead to frozen pipes.

Contact Your Insurance Company

The next step is to contact your insurance agent and have him or her perform an inspection on your damaged property. This should be done as quick as possible to begin the compensation process. By working with your insurance representative this helps to relieve some of the stress and troubles that your river flooding, frozen pipes, ice damage, hail damage or hurricane damage has caused.

The Home Restoration Process

This involves restoring your property to its initial condition. It will involve debris removal, door and window replacement, restoration of electric and water supplies, and furniture and content replacement. Hail damages and ice damage require a storm remediation company to provide proper roof repair if needed. Frozen pipes and frozen dams resulting from ice damming from ice dams ought to be heated up to ensure restoration of the normal supply of water. Home restoration and storm remediation processes also require the use of flood pump or water suckers to extract or pump water out and dehumidifiers to eliminate moisture. Roof repair will also be required to fix any roof leaks and ice damage.

Considerations For Water Restoration

A natural disaster that affects your home can be a stressful and devastating experience.
Using state-of-the-art fire cleaning equipment and advanced water restoration techniques, a team of professionals will be able to get rid of all traces of the damage. After your home restoration has been completed by trained technicians, you will be absolutely amazed at the quality and condition of your residential property. If you experience a flood water in your home, do not hesitate to call storm remediation services right away.
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The Cost of Fire Damage

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The Cost of Fire Damage

Fire damage is among the most costly sources of damage to homes and businesses in the United States today. In 2011 alone, the total costs of fire damage measured an estimated $328 billion, over 2 percent of the GDP of the United States. In fact, most property owners will experience a fire damage event at some point in their lives. The best thing that any property owner who is facing fire damage can do is to call in in their local restoration company.

When fire strikes, time is of the essence

Whether the fire in your home or business was extensive, causing widespread smoke smells and soot damage, or whether it was just contained to a small area, it is always imperative to get a professional restoration company on site as quickly as possible to avoid contain existing damage and avoid further damage.

The fire damage restoration process involves careful inspection of the area where the fire in the business or fire in the home took place. If structural supports, such as beams, joists or studs have been weakened, it may be necessary for the restoration company to reinforce them immediately. The restoration company also has special cleaning tools and chemicals that it can use to remove and minimize any lingering smoke smell from materials within the property.

The fire damage restoration team will also be able to immediately begin the fire cleanup, sealing off smoke damage and soot damage. One of the reasons it is absolutely imperative to call in your local professional fire cleanup company is that the smoke damage and soot damage restoration process is extremely complex. The fire cleanup process may involves extensive tear-down and replacement of cupboards, shelves, walls and even plumbing and lighting fixtures. Generally speaking, this is not a job that anyone but a professional fire cleanup team should even attempt, as the slightest mistake can result in the property being declared uninhabitable by the building inspector.

It is important to know that smoke damage and soot damage can almost always be completely mitigated. But doing so requires a professional team that is expert in the removal of smoke damage and smoke smells.

Should a fire occur at a commercial property, a team specializing in commercial fire damage may need to be called in. Commercial fire damage restoration, after a fire in a business, can take on even more complexities than a fire in a home. A fire in a business can result in dangerous chemical exposure and hazmat situations. A commercial fire damage company will be expert in handling these conditions unique to a fire in businesses.

Whether there is a fire in a home or fire in a business, the property will need to immediately undergo a board up and be completely sealed off from outside elements. Although the board up process may seem simple, it must be carried out competently to avoid the risk of major water damage occurring, should inclement weather arrive. The board up process, when properly carried out, will also ensure that vandals cannot easily access the property, which will likely be left vacant and unattended for weeks or months. It is, therefore, crucial that the board up be properly completed and the property completely sealed off from the outside and intruders.

As with all cases of fire damage restoration, all elements in the home or business that were damaged directly by the fire or that have been affected by smoke smell will need to be either totally cleaned or replaced. In the case of commercial fire damage, business equipment and inventories may also need replacement. Unfortunately, many cases of commercial fire damage render all equipment, vehicles and inventories located within the vicinity of the fire worthless.

With the help of a professional fire restoration team, a property damaged by fire can be completely restored with a minimum of time and cost. The most important thing is to call your local restoration company.
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Accidental Office Fire Cleaning

10/18/2017 (Permalink)

Accidental Office Fire Cleaning

Fire accidents can be hazardous and can cause massive losses to businesses both big and small. Imagine a scenario where an electrical fire starts and no one is around. The damage would be immense. It is important to have contact with a fire restoration company to help to restore your property. The fire restoration process can be straightforward once you hire professional fire damage restoration company. The company will board up your property and begin to restore it to its pre-fire state. 

Why Contact Professional Fire Damage Restoration Agency after a Fire Accident?

When a fire starts, it's best contact the local firefighters to help put out the fire. When the electrical fire is under control it’s time to reach the fire restoration company to come and restore the property first by doing board up before further damage happens. Here are reasons why you need to involve a professional fire damage restoration company when fire arises;

• The fire restoration company has qualified staff and quality equipment –the companies have skilled personnel and equipment.

• The fire restoration company is very reliable and offer quick response –the commercial fire restoration technicians respond very fast to calls from clients since they understand the character of fire damage, which may get worse when not attended to.

• In some cases restoration is less costly than coming up with a new structure and buying new assets –hiring the commercial fire damage restoration agency is very cheap and affordable compared to starting to building a new business space. 

• The restoration is a shorter process than rebuilding, and in no time the business will be up and running. All soot damage, smoke smell, and smoke damage will be no more. The professional fire restoration company will ensure that the property is back to normal with no sign of any commercial fire damage ever happened.

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When Your Home is Suddenly Flooded

9/28/2017 (Permalink)

When Your Home is Suddenly Flooded

Flood damage is perhaps the most insidious form of damage that a property can endure. Because of the fact that many property owners are slow to realize the extent and severity of water damage that has occurred as a result of a supply line break or pipe break, it is often too late to save the property by the time restoration and mitigation efforts begin. Thus, it is extremely important that anytime a property owner notes the presence of water in their business or water in their home, it is imperative to be able to quickly carry out an action plan. The first thing on anyone's list to do in the event of water damage should always be to call the local professional restoration company.

Flood damage restoration is a job for professionals

The importance of calling in professionals, even when water damage may seem minimal, cannot be overstated. Left unchecked, water damage has the potential to seep into areas of the home that are out of sight, leading to the formation of mold and the weakening of structural components. Left for more than a week, serious flood damage will usually result in the total loss of the property.

However, the good news is that that vast majority of flooding events in the United States are due to simple internal causes, such as a supply line break or pipe break. Even the natural causes of flooding, such as an overflowing river or severe thunderstorms, typically do not result in locally long-standing water. This means that, with the intervention of a professional flood damage mitigation and restoration company, it is almost always possible to restore a flooded home or business to its prior state. But time is always of the essence.

The water cleanup process

The first and single most important step in the restoration and mitigation of a flooded home or business is for the property owner to recognize that they are facing a potentially serious problem that could result in the loss of their property's value. The next step is for that property owner to call in their local restoration company.

The water cleanup team shows up to the home or business

The water cleanup team will typically arrive within a few minutes of the call being placed. Once on the scene, they will immediately begin to assess the level of water in the business or water in the home. They will examine the site of the original pipe break or supply line break to determine if there are any active leaks and to fix them. They will also carefully examine the water in the home or water in the business, coming to a determination about what kind of classification the water falls under.

Removal of standing water begins

The next step in the restoration and mitigation process is the removal of all standing water in the home or water in the business. The water cleanup crew will carry this out through the use of extremely powerful equipment designed to vacuum up to 2,000 gallons of water every hour. This part of the cleanup process will typically only take a few minutes.

The drying process

Next, the team will begin drying out the structure. Paying careful attention to the area around the original supply line break or pipe break, the team will begin drying all water, including that which cannot be seen with the naked eye, from the flooded home. The drying process will usually take between a few hours and a full day, depending on the extent of the spread of water throughout the flooded home. At this point, the restoration company will turn to the final task.

The final cleaning

Using special chemicals and techniques, similar to that of dry cleaning, the team will scrub and cleanse all surfaces and furniture that were exposed to the flood water. This will mark the complete restoration of the property.
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What to Expect After a Utility Room Fire

9/28/2017 (Permalink)

What to Expect After a Utility Room Fire

Why do so many business owners today call upon commercial fire damage experts to obtain fast, dependable cleanup and mitigation assistance? A growing number of insurers prefer their clients to seek fire restoration services. Additionally, well-informed managers increasingly appreciate marketplace advantages by taking this step.

Even a minor conflagration in a business potentially creates a massive cleanup and fire restoration challenge. Using the skills of specialized restoration firms usually expedites business recovery efforts. To illustrate this situation, just consider the types of damage which may ensue from a brief electrical fire in a company laundry room:

1. Appliance Damage

If an electrical fire occurs in your business laundry room, the company should anticipate some appliance damage costs. You'll need to evaluate your equipment carefully to isolate the precise cause of the electrical fire, for instance. You may find it cost-effective to replace the appliances with newer, undamaged equipment.

2. Water Damage: A Modern Fire Damage Component

Business owners sometimes experience surprise at the massive extent of water damage accompanying even small blazes. Water damage sometimes dwarfs visible soot damage and smoke damage in fact. Yet consider, in addition to firefighter activity (which may involve spraying water inside the premises from a fire hose or fire truck), the business' own fire sprinkler system may soak floors, upholstery and furnishings in adjacent areas of the building. Fire suppression chemicals will mix with this water during the emergency response. Even the efforts of a single firefighter carrying a fire hose or the spray from a briefly-activated fire sprinkler system can generate copious water damage when a utility room fire interrupts business operations.

3. Visible Fire Damage

Sometimes an electrical fire in a laundry room also causes substantial soot damage and smoke damage. Flames may burn some materials during a utility room fire, leaving ugly ash residues scarring parts of the premises. This material ultimately mixes with chemical residues from fire suppression activity and with water deposited by fire hose and fire sprinkler system nozzles; the cleanup challenge afterwards typically proves daunting.

4. Chemical Damage

A utility room fire may release noxious fumes within the immediate area. This fire damage produces pernicious consequences. A responding firefighter or a fire truck crew may need to utilize some additional fire suppression chemicals at the scene in response to this risk, for instance. These substances also mix with water left by the fire sprinkler system and firefighter fire hose activities, creating a messy, foul-smelling environment.

Comprehensive Fire Restoration

Consider the challenges your business faces in this situation. The cessation of a fire truck crew's activity on the premises won't prevent the recent fire from continuing to impact the company's daily operations. In fact, it often marks the start of a challenging cleanup phase extending over the course of weeks or months.

To overcome the long term effects of fire damage, most firms benefit significantly by hiring a commercial fire damage expert, an authority well-versed in the process of fire cleanup and remediation (and fire loss mitigation). Retaining a fire restoration company's services may allow your business to address both visible soot damage and smoke damage removal and water extraction more rapidly. Taking this step ultimately saves money for most businesses struggling to recover from fires.

Take Prompt Corrective Action

Commercial fire damage produces devastating impacts on businesses unless addressed swiftly and correctly. While a fire truck crew may supply essential fire suppression assistance combating a utility room fire, the results of the fire fighting effort will likely leave some areas of the building in a very unclean, wet, foul-smelling condition. Don't allow these chemicals, and the accompanying soot damage and smoke damage, to linger in your facility.

Respond to commercial fire damage more rapidly. Consider hiring a restoration firm to supervise the cleanup and mitigation process. Taking this action promotes long-term recovery!
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How Storm Restoration Specialists Help In Disasters

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How Storm Restoration Specialists Help In Disasters

The aftermath of a storm can leave a great deal of damage especially flooding and roof repair. High winds, tornadoes, hurricane damage, frozen pipes and even ice storms, can make your house unlivable. If you are ever stricken by storm damage, you should call a professional storm remediation company as quickly as possible to assist with storm restoration. If your home is inundated with flood water or your roof has hail damage, wind damage or ice damage, a home restoration team can be onsite in a matter of minutes. Water Restoration companies specialize in emergency response to ensure that roof leaks, river flooding and storm damage can be secured as quickly as possible. Full home restoration is the ultimate goal.

Why Flood Pumps Are Needed In Home Restoration

The water from river flooding and ground water must be removed as soon as possible. Storm restoration teams will use flood pumps to extract water from every area of your home. Hurricane damage usually means a storm surge, wind damage and roof damage. Storm remediation specialists will start the process of removing ground water. The restoration process will begin as soon the flood pump removes all of the moisture. Highly-trained specialists will keep you abreast of every step they take in the home restoration process. When the outside soil is saturated, ground water can rise to the surface. It can flood your basement and rot wood in your home. Ground water can move slow and seep into vulnerable areas of your home.

During water restoration, large fans will be used in the drying process. It is important that every part of the home is thoroughly dried before anyone can go back to the home. All electricity will be cut to the property to avoid potential electrocution from flood water. Water restoration involves state-of-the-art equipment. Unfortunately, there are instances when critters can take up residence in your home once the flood waters leave. It is not uncommon to find snakes, fish, bugs and even the occasional alligator once the river flooding recedes. Tornado and hurricane damage can be a huge expense. hail damage is especially troublesome because it can damage shingles and even crack windows. The storm restoration can be a tedious process, but well worth it in the end.

Frozen Pipes And Ice Damming During Winter Storms

Homes can suffer ice damage after heavy snows and from the wind damage that often accompany them. Hail damage can also take place in wintertime to cause roof leaks and roof damage. and Ice dams can also be the culprit of roof leaks. This happens when ice damming backs up the melted water on your roof. Roof repair should be instigated immediately. No one wants icy water dripping into their home. Roof damage and roof leaks must be covered with tarp, and ice dams should be melted with warm cords. Roof repair can be very expensive. Frozen pipes, if the burst, can also cause flooding into the home. Storm remediation specialists will utilize special equipment to repair frozen pipe leaks. Flood waters can negated by the use of flood pumps.

Poor roof ventilation is also conducive to ice damming and even frozen pipes. The fluctuation in temperatures can cause the water to freeze in your gutter to form ice dams. Ice damage can also be caused by falling trees and branches after heavy snow. The roof damage caused by ice damming be catastrophic. If roof repair isn't initiated immediately, the rising temperatures can cause even more flooding. This can in turn cause more ice dams to form. Water restoration services are essential under these circumstances .

So if your home is ever hit by hurricane damage, flooding, wind damage, hail damage, river flooding, ice damage or storm damage, call a professional storm remediation service as soon as you can. Storm restoration will be initiated immediately.
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How to Handle Flooding in a Home or Business

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How to Handle Flooding in a Home or Business

A flooded home or business can quickly reach crisis proportions. The ability of water damage to cause severe and lasting harm to a home is unique. While other forms of property damage, such as those caused by fire or wind, are acute, immediately making their destructiveness known and leaving the extent of the damage readily apparent, water damage often acts slowly, convincing the property owner there's nothing to worry about until its far too late.

That's why the single most important thing any property owner can do, in the event of water damage, is call in a professional restoration company, before the damage has a chance to spread. If water damage is left to sit, it can start doing serious harm to the property within the first 24 hours. Within a week, if extensive flood damage is not remedied, it will likely lead to the total loss of the property.

The good news is that any flood damage cause by a pipe break, supply line break or other event that does not submerge the home in natural floodwaters is almost always amenable to a complete restoration of the property. However, time is of the essence. The most important thing to do is to notify a local restoration company so that they may begin working on a complete restoration of the flooded home or business as soon as possible.

The flood damage mitigation and restoration process all begins with a call to the local restoration company. Once the emergency call is received, a team of water cleanup specialists will be dispatched to the home, typically arriving within minutes. They will then begin assessment of the extent of the damage and form a game plan as to how to attack the mitigation effort.

The water cleanup team will begin damage assessment the moment they arrive on scene. If there is an active leak involving a pipe break or supply line break, the mitigation team will correct it. They will then assess the level of water in the home or business, deciding on what machinery and actions are needed for the cleanup job. If the flooded home has a large amount of water in the home or water in the business that is out of site, the water cleanup team will note it and later use specialized drying equipment to thoroughly dry those hard-to-reach spaces.

Next the water cleanup team will being the wholesale removal of standing water in the home or standing water in the business. Using high-powered vacuum and pumping equipment, the flooded home will be cleared of all standing water in the business or home within approximately one hour.

This is another example of an task that only a professional restoration company can carry out. A pipe break or supply line break can spew hundreds of gallons of water in a home or water in a business. With such high-flow supply line breaks or pipe breaks, only a professional team can adequately address the problem.

The drying stage is the most complex and longest lasting of the restoration process. Using specialized drying equipment and high-powered dehumidifiers, the team will set up a drying system within the home or business. Within anywhere from a few hours to a day, the property will be completely dry. At this point, there will be no further risk of incurring damage to the property.

The restoration process culminates in a thorough cleaning of all items, surfaces and fixtures within the property. Using special chemicals, similar to those seen in dry cleaning, everything within the property will be cleansed and disinfected. This will prevent the formation of any nascent mold or mildew. It will also prevent bad odors from permeating the structure. At this point, the property will be completely restored.
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What are the Benefits of Hiring Professional Fire Damage Restoration Experts?

8/16/2017 (Permalink)

What are the Benefits of Hiring Professional Fire Damage Restoration Experts?

Fire damage causes a lot of distress to both home and business owners. The commercial fire damage challenge is because in addition to the losses incurred and the cost of repairs, you may have to deal with being out of the home or business for an extended period. The ballooning costs of fire damage restoration to bring everything back to the state it was in before the fire could seem overwhelming, prompting some people to try and do the fire damage restoration for themselves. However, experts in home improvement highly discourage property owners from seeking to do restoration after fire damage. Below are the benefits that you will get when you hire a professional restoration company.

Skills and Expertise

When you choose a qualified restoration company, you can be assured that they have been doing fire cleanup, repairs and fire damage restoration for a long time. Regardless of how challenging and unique, you believe your situation is; there is a possibility that the restoration company experts have dealt with a similar situation before. They will, therefore, know the right approach and use the least amount of time to get it done, which you need especially after a fire in the business. On the other hand, if you try to handle the problem, you will have to learn everything you may not know about fire cleanup, soot damage and restoration, which could take a lot of time.

Assistance with filing the insurance claim after a fire in the home

When a professional has come and assessed the damage that was caused by a fire in the home or fire in business, it will be easier for you to file a formal claim with the insurer. Trying DIY will lead to the insurance companies burying you in tons of paper work, which may not be helpful when you need a quick settlement after a fire in business. Most property owners who have been through fire damage will tell you that the restoration company simplifies the insurance claim while handling the problem alone leads to being undercut by the insurers.

The right tools, workforce, and excellent results

There is a lot at stake when it comes to fire damage restoration:

• The physical appearance of the home, which might have been compromised by smoke smell, smoke damage and soot damage.

• The resale cost of the home, which could go down if telltale signs of the fire damage are left behind.

• The safety of the occupants of the home or business that has suffered commercial fire damage may be compromised if associated damage such as smoke smell, water damage, soot damage and smoke damage is not adequately mitigated.

A competent restoration company will come up with proper mitigation measures and use the appropriate approach for commercial fire damage repair.

More value for human resources and time

The other challenge with DIY is that you take a lot of time trying to achieve something that the professionals will do in a short period. For instance, board up services are typically done to protect the home from intruders and support weak structures. If the board up is not well done, you might incur more losses in money and time due to interference. Similarly, fire damage and smoke damage leaves behind a smoke smell which when not properly addressed will stick in your indoors.

The benefits of hiring professionals for restoration after commercial fire damage or fire in home are countless. They will perform the board up, fire cleanup, assess the smoke damage and soot damage, deal with the lingering smoke smell, and restore the building to the state it was in before any of the damage took place. When a professional fire cleanup, board up and restoration company is hired to mitigate a fire in home or fire in business, the property owner is assured of good value for their money. Take time and choose a competent restoration expert to get excellent results.
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Useful Mold Knowledge

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Useful Mold Knowledge

Summer brings in warm and humid weather as it is right now, and the worries about problems such as fungus, mold growth behind wall, mold damage and dry rot increase. There are times when black mold and mildew will creep into your house without your knowledge because mold growth hides in warm and dark places, but once you start suspecting there could be mold in home, it is time to get an inspection. The faster the mildew and mold damage problem is resolved in your home, the fewer the side effects and losses you will have to resolve. Below are some of the things you need to understand when it comes to professional mold remediation.

What are the consequences of having fungus and mold damage in the home?

First of all, the presence of mildew and mold in a home directly affects its worth. If for instance a buyer comes for a viewing and they notice that there are dark patches on certain areas in the home, they will be scared of committing to buy the house because of the mold damage. Other worries related to mold growth behind wall and a mold damaged home include a smelly odor which may require deodorization, and dry rot removal.

Each state has rules and regulations on fungus and mold disclosure, but the bottom line is that you are not allowed to falsely lead a buyer into buying a mold- infested home without their knowledge. Selling a home that is infested with mold could result in serious legal problems when the customer discovers that the mold damage was knowingly overlooked. The value of the home reduces very significantly when there is mold damage in it because dry rot compromises the structural strength of the home.

Which areas of the home are mostly affected by mold growth and mildew?

Mold growth behind wall is a type of fungus. Mold growth happens in places where there are warmth and humidity. Traditionally, the areas that are hardest hit by the mold in home problem are the kitchen, bathroom, and basements. However, experts in mitigation and mold remediation will tell you that there are other areas that you need to worry about. These include the attic and other crawl spaces. Some homeowners have had their sale interfered with by the discovery of black mold in these areas that most people forget to check.

Mold removal by a professional restoration company

There are various mold removal stages which are usually taken when the commercial mold damage has been confirmed in a household. The restoration company will state whether the home needs to be contained or not. Most of the time, when there is black mold involved, they will recommend containment being erected in the mitigation part of the house. The remediation process then starts with the removal of the mold. Fungicides are commonly used to stop further spread of the mold. Then, the professionals will try and address the water problem. The restoration company will look for the leaking taps, the dripping faucets and any other issues that could be leading to excessive moisture and have the problem fixed.

After mold removal, mitigation and drying, commercial mold damage experts will perform the deodorization. It is because mold growth behind wall leaves a smelly odor which needs deodorization to fix. The restoration company has special agents for the deodorization and the removal of the smelly odor.

Restoration involves repainting whichever parts of the wall got blackened by the mold, replacing the structures that could have been affected by dry rot, smelly odor and other related measures. The ultimate goal is to make sure that once the black mold or mildew problem has been resolved, it does not recur.

Those are the steps followed by mitigation and remediation experts in dealing with the commercial mold damage. It is important to note that mold can be a perennial problem if not handled correctly. Avoid DIY black mold removal projects because it may cause mold to spread and also compromise the quality of the results that will be achieved. It would be best to allow commercial mold damage experts to handle remediation because the cost of the service will be worth the quality.
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What to Do If You Find Mold at Home

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What to Do If You Find Mold at Home

The first sign of mold damage at home is devastating, and it’s also the moment people need to call for professional help. It’s not easy to handle mold issues without help, and it’s not recommended anyone try on their own. Mold is dangerous, it’s toxic, and it can cause serious health problems. It can also be more expensive and damaging down the road when it’s not handled properly from the start.

Signs of Mold in the Home and Commercial Mold Damage

Mold damage can occur anywhere in a home or business, and it’s knowing the signs to look for that makes it easier for home and business owners to combat the problem. The number one signs of mold damage and/or mold growth is the presence of moisture. Mold growth occurs when moisture is present in the home, and it spreads quickly. High levels of humidity also cause a warm and inviting environment for fungus to grow.

One of the most common signs of mold growth is mildew. It’s not mold, but it’s similar to this fungus in terms of what it wants and how it grows. Mildew, like mold, loves areas that are damp and warm. Mildew thrives in this type of environment. If mildew is growing, there is a good chance mold growth is possible.

A smelly odor is another prevalent sign of mold damage. Most of the time the smelly odor is one people ignore at first. They use deodorization to get rid of it. It might take a few days to realize deodorization is not helping the smelly odor disappear permanently. Smelly odors typically indicate mold growth behind walls. It’s evident by smell, but not by sight. Mold growth behind walls is dangerous since it can’t be seen. When mold growth behind walls occurs, it’s probably more damaging than people realize.

Mold growth behind the walls occurs, spreads, and moves quickly before anyone knows since it’s not visible. It’s this kind of mold that often proves most difficult to handle since it’s spread so far and wide by the time it’s noticed.

Dry rot is another common sign mold removal might be necessary. Dry rot is caused when wood and other surfaces are moist too often, and mold loves moisture. Anyone who notices dry rot at home or dry rot at work needs to call a restoration company to handle mold growth immediately.

What to Do When Mold in the Home/Commercial Mold Damage is Present

While there is nothing wrong with using deodorization to remove a smelly odor in the home, it’s best to call for professional mold removal by a restoration company. They’re trained to help with remediation and mitigation, and they are also good at locating the source of the smelly odor no one can use enough deodorization to remove.

It’s not advised people handle mold removal on their own. Professional remediation and mitigation is the correct way to handle mold in the home as well as commercial mold damage. Mitigation and remediation are both handled easily and correctly by the pros at a restoration company. If there is water damage, having water removed from the home or office is a number one priority.

Once they’ve been called, there are things home and business owners can do. The first is to shut off the air and heat. Mold comes from spores in the air, and air and heat transport spores throughout a building. Turn off the air and heat to prevent this from occurring. It’s also best not to disturb any of the mold by attempting DIY removal. Once disturbed, it’s very easy for spores to break apart and spread through the air rapidly. It takes less than 72 hours for mold to spread without spores being disturbed enough to make the process happen faster.

The Health Dangers of Mold in the Home and Commercial Mold Damage

Health concerns are valid when mold is present. Black mold can grow anywhere, and most people aren’t sure what makes one black mold different than toxic black mold or if fungus is dangerous. It’s best to assume all black mold and/or fungus is toxic and call for immediately mold removal, mitigation, and remediation.

Health issues are more common when mold is in a home in large areas. When it’s left for a long time to grow, it’s going to cause people to become sick. It’s dangerous for anyone with allergies or asthma, and it can cause long-term health issues for those who don’t know mold is present.

Mold is dangerous, and it must be removed and handled correctly. It takes an expert to help remove water and to ensure mold is not toxic. Let the restoration company do the work and make sure homes and offices are safe for people to re-enter. Never use a DIY project to remove mold.
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